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Sea fishing

The Maritime fishing is a major lever of economic development in the southern provinces as it offers important opportunities.

The three Southern regions are rich in abundant and varied halieutic resources owing to their vast coastline (Dakhla 667km, Laayoune 575km and Guelmim 260).

In recent years, this sector has made great achievements notably by establishing important port infrastructure, strengthening the processing industry, and value of fisheries products and socio-economic programs initiated by the government for the benefit of fishermen; An effort that has benefited the different categories of fishing whether artisanal, coastal or deep-sea.

Since the recovery of the southern provinces, a significant investment has been allocated to the development of port infrastructure both in terms of expansion and maintenance of ports, or the construction of new ones.
The purpose is to better exploit the halieutic resources of the region and reduce its natural isolation and facilitate trade exchange with foreign countries as well as the other regions of the Kingdom. 

Also, aquaculture which is very present in the southern provinces has developed considerably. The region of Dakhla Oued Eddahab has 50% of the national aquaculture production with 45% of the national aquaculture farms representing an important source of investment and job creation. Similarly, this aquaculture offer is very important in the other two regions of the South.

The human element is an important component of the development program of maritime fisheries sector in the southern regions.
In this respect, the maritime training institutes located in Laayoune, Dakhla, Boujdour and Tan Tan and  contribute to the development and qualification of the necessary human resources. 

Furthermore, the State has provided investors in this dynamic sector with a battery of incentives and benefits in order to accompany them in the realization of their projects 


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