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Renewable energies

Thanks to their enormous wind and solar energy potential, favored by a large deposit of sun and wind, the southern Moroccan regions are becoming an essential supplier of clean energy.

Launched in 2014, the Tarfaya wind farm is the largest of its kind in Africa with a capacity of 300 MW. It reinforced the Akhfennir site which has been in operation since 2013 (200MW). There are two other wind farms located in the region of Laayoune Sakia Lhamra: Aftissat (200MW) and Laayoune (50MW).

The region of Laayoune Sakia Lhamra has two important solar power plants: Noor Laayoune (80 MW) and Noor Boujdour (20 MW).

Other similar projects are currently under development in this region, namely Noor II solar power plant in Laayoune, Noor II solar power plant, and a wind farm in Boujdour, and another wind farm in Tiskrad.  

Also, the region of Guelmim Oued Noun is well positioned to become a very attractive region for renewable energy. Several important green hydrogen projects are being prepared in this region.

The windiest and sunniest region of Dakhla Oued Eddahab is not excluded, and is also suitable for the production of renewable energy.

Renewable energy projects, carried by the new development model for the southern provinces launched in 2015 by the King Mohammed VI, and which attract enormous investments, are increasingly emerging across the three southern regions.

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