Your unique and special source for real and authentic fossils from All over morocco, high quality , original fossils and reliable prices guaranteed , including trilobites , spinosaurus teeth, charcarodontausaurus teeth, shark teeth , crinoids , mosasaurus teeth ,star fish ,…..and much more museum quality fossils .

Morocco used to be under water for millions of years , huge fauna and flora has been lived under water , after lots of tectonic movements and big climatic changes , they died , and petrified by the time depending on their conditions , they form the treasures we offer to sell now . proud of our high qua;ity fossils, and minerals , with a huge experience in shipping and showing all over the word , including Arizona gem and mineral show in Tucson , Munich show in Germany , Sainte Marie aux mines fossil show in France , we are always open and ready for any reliable and trustful business

Please if interested , contact us for our last catalogue version to know our available fossils and the prices FOB OR C&F and the way you are interested in to be delivered .

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